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Our Hours: Wed-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-2pm

About Us

It Started with a Food Truck

Reggie has always had a passion for cooking. It started at a young age when he would be in the kitchen with his mother in Haiti. The youngest of three sons, he helped with a variety of chores, but cooking was his favorite. His passion was there!

Early in 2019, Reggie decided to turn a hobby into a business and began the process of building his own food trailer. He wanted his food trailer to feature his authentic Caribbean food while allowing him to travel to different communities and connect with people. By May 2019, he was ready to hit the road! It wasn’t long before menu items like jerk chicken and island shrimp began to capture the tastebuds of the local crowd. Caribbean Taste has since expanded to a full size food truck with a full size food trailer in the works.

A New Home Base: 509

Since starting Caribbean Taste, Reggie has regularly been asked when he will expand to a brick-and-mortar. Being honest, it wasn’t in the plans until the right location came about. It became quite clear that with the volume of food Caribbean Taste produces, the kitchen space to support that was desperately needed. In January 2022, Reggie sealed the deal! He expanded his food truck operations by establishing a brick-and-mortar home base with Area509. Located at 1025 N Badger Ave in Appleton, Area509 has all the menu items you have come to know and love, plus more. And if you haven’t experienced the Caribbean Taste yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to sit down and indulge.

See Our Menu

Your favorite Caribbean Tastes are still here – choose from an array of full meals that come with 3 sides or one of our bowls, sandwiches, or individual items. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Area509?

509 is the country code to call Haiti. Reggie, the owner, is from Haiti and we are always looking for ways to represent the culture!

Will the menu be the same as Caribbean Taste food truck?

You’ll notice a lot of similarities between the menus; however, at Area509 we will also have specials and items that we do not have space for on the food truck.

Is everything on the menu spicy?

No! It is all rich and flavorful but not all is spicy. If you are not a fan of spice, I would recommend the garlic pork.

What is pikliz?

Now this is spicy! Pikliz is a classic Haitian dish that really complements any of our menu items. The best way to describe it is a vinegar-based spicy coleslaw. It’s full of fresh ingredients and spicy peppers.

Do you have any vegetarian items?

We do! On our standard menu the rice and beans, beet salad, fried plantains and pikliz are vegetarian. We can also make plain mac’n cheese if you just let us know! In terms of vegan options we have rice and beans, fried plantains and pikliz.

What about gluten free?

With the exception of the buns for the sandwiches and the noodles for the jerk mac’n cheese, all of our standard menu is gluten free.

You mention Rachelle Sauce on things like the Garlic Pork and the Pork Mac Bowl. What is Rachelle Sauce?

Rachelle Sauce is a homemade mayo based garlic aioli. We find that the flavor combination works extremely well with the garlic pork but if you’re not a fan of mayo based sauces, we can leave it off if you let us know!

I’ve never eaten Caribbean food before and I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Sure! My first question is always “do you like spicy food”? If the answer is yes, I recommend our Jerk Chicken meal. It is by far our best seller and you can’t go wrong with three sides of your choice as well. If the answer is “I like a little spice” I would recommend the Island Shrimp meal. The shrimp is made to order so we can get it as spicy or as mild as you’d like. If the answer is “NO spice”, I recommend the Garlic Pork meal or the Pork Mac bowl. Both still filled with flavor but no heat.